E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Spreading Your Message Was Never So Easy

The ClearService marketing components allows you to send personalized mass mailings via electronic mail from the comfort of the ClearService system. By putting existing contacts into groups – you can send out e-mail messages which can automatically be adjusted by the system to suit the preferences/purchases of that individual.

As part of the e-mail marketing system, the system will track the following metrics:

  • Number Of E-Mails Sent
  • Number Of E-Mails Successfully Delivered
  • Confirmed Readings
  • Unique Responses
  • Number Of Clicks On Each Link Within The E-Mail

Once you have sent an e-mail campaign – the mailing module allows you to view in real-time the response ranging from how many individuals have read the e-mail, how many times it was forwarded, what links they may have followed from the e-mail that you sent, and any errors that may have occurred when sending out some of the messages.

From that point – you can use this information to feed back into the member management system for potential follow-up and analysis of your data.

For example, if you sent out a set of e-mail messages describing a new service introduction – you can track how many people follow the link in that e-mail to view information about the new service on the website. Once that information has been collected – you can then schedule a follow-up activity to talk to those specific individuals since they showed at least some level of interest in the new product.

Although some browsers/e-mail clients do not permit the collection of some statistics, the information gained during this process is still very useful as it allows the ongoing marketing activities to be measured and benchmarked so they can be improved on a month-to-month basis.



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