Spread the Billing Joy - Invoice Faster and Easier

ClearService features a full, feature-rich on-line billing platform and accounts receivable module that allows you to perform the invoicing of your clients in a simple, straightforward way.

Billing Features

  • Configurable Reoccurring Plans: Reoccurring billing plans can be configured within the system according to the type of plan, setup fees, monthly fees, etc. Reoccurring plans can be tiered according to information that is present in the contact record (for example, number of employees)

    These plans can be added/changed/removed from the system at any time through the administrative interface. Plans may be billed on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis.

  • Optional Pro-Rated Billing: For organizations that wish to bill on a fixed period (i.e. have the billing period run from the first day to the last day of any given month) – the system allows the charges to be pro-rated for the partial period.
  • Optional Pre-Billing: The system supports billing a period in advance or in arrears for the monthly charges. For example, the invoice on November 1 could invoice the monthly charges for the period from October 1 to October 31 or could pre-invoice the charges for November 1 to November 30 depending on the way the organization wants to carry out the billing.
  • Accumulating Billing Items: Users with appropriate access to the system have the ability to create new invoices manually to be sent to the member or inform the system of line items that should be applied to the next invoice.
  • Invoice Verify Process: Invoices can be manually verified/adjusted before they are sent out to each customer. This ensures overall accuracy and provides another opportunity for a accounting check before automatically generated invoices get into the hands of the members.
  • Invoice Delivery: Invoices can be automatically delivered to a member by a pre-designated method including:
    1. Printed/Mailed
    2. PDF-Based E-Mail

    The preferred delivery method is stored within the user profile and automatically performed when a given invoice has been approved.

  • Payment Method Tracking: The payment information for each account can be tracked along with the member’s account (although this information may not be accessible to all system users). This payment information can include credit card information, banking information, or other information on how the members pay their bills.

    If the payment method is supported by the system, the system can perform the actual charging of the account on-line or the batching of the charges for later processing off-line (Credit card batch or EFT).

  • On-Line Visibility of Invoices: Invoices can be made visible in the customer profile so that activities, client information, and invoices can be viewed as a snapshot by individuals working with the customer (viewing their customer profile).



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